Our team

The International Council of Women elects board members as well as standing committee members, our advisors. During the 36th General Assembly in Avignon, we elected our board for the 2022-2025 term.

Our representatives in United Nations agencies and other International Organizations are designated after each General Assembly for a period of 3 years.

Our board members

Martine Marandel


Dr. Jungsook Kim

Immediate Past President

Puspha Hedge


Giwo Rubianto Wiyogo


Jamal Hermes Ghibril


Fatos Inal


Nona Ricafort


Nona Ricafort


Radhia Jerbi

Board Member

Saïda Zniber

Board Member

Gloria Shoda Laraba, PhD mni, MFR​

Board Member

Linda Liu

Ex-Officio Board Member

Ludovina Moreira


Chiou See Anderson​

Assistant Treasurer

Nebiye Isin Atala

Recording Secretary

Doreen Borg Zammit

Assistant Recording Secretary

Our standing committee

ICW-CIF Standing Committee is composed by co-ordinators and advisors to influence policies by developing the plans of action and disseminating important information to ICW members on elimination of discrimination, violence against women, equal rights and opportunities for all, equal rights and access healthcare and, social protection for child and family, education, environmental and other issues of concern.

Advisors and co-ordinators are required to gather information related to their portfolios from affiliated National Councils of Women so as to be able to report to the ICW-CIF and share this information with the ICW-CIF Representatives to the UN agencies and other international organizations.

Board Members Mazal Renford and Saïda Zniber are steering the Standing Committee. Life Member Elisabeth Newman continues to guide and advise them with her vast experience.

Our representatives in UN agencies and International Organizations