Our objectives

The theme for this triennum 2022-2025 is “Women’s empowerment: Peace and Sustainable Development”

Our past triennal theme have been “Social protection for all women and girls: Sustainable development for the world” (2018-2021), “Transforming Society through the Empowerment of Women” (2015-2018)…

To achieve that objective, it is important for us to work closely with our National Councils, our advisors and our UN Representatives.

Our advisors :

Although nominated by their respective NCW, Co-ordinators and Advisors are members of ICW-CIF. Therefore, their work reflect the international nature of their particular portfolio (status of women, sustainable development, general well being, communication, education, social issues…).

Advisors and co-ordinators need to gather information, related to their portfolios, from affiliated NCsW so as to
be able to report to ICW-CIF and pass information onto the ICW-CIF Permanent Representatives to the UN.

Today, ICW has 25 standing committee coordinators and advisors’ to form policies by developing the plans of action and to disseminate important information to ICW members on elimination of discrimination, violence against women, equal rights and opportunities for all, equal rights and access healthcare and social protection, child and family, education, environmental and other issues of concern.

Our UN Representatives :

Permanent Representatives represent the ICW at the U.N. and the other Organizations where it has consultative status.

The International Council of Women (ICW-CIF) has representation in main UN agencies : UN New York – UN Geneva – UN Vienna – UNESCO – UNICEF – FAO – UN ESCAP – UNIDO – UN ECE